Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Married A Stormtrooper

On July 21, 2004, exactly six glorious years ago, I married a Stormtrooper.  Now, I know what you're thinking, and, yes, the Ewoks did kick the crap out of the Stormtroopers, but not my hubby -- Princess Leia kicked the crap out of him.  

: )  

In all sincerity, my hubby's a great guy, a man's man, and he's as humble as they come -- he'd never, for a second, even consider bragging about his Stormtrooper #2 role, in fact, he's probably gonna kill me when he reads this blog . . . Wait a minute, I just thought of something:  If he does try to kill me, he might opt to use the laser gun, and that would be okay, because really, how great of a shot could he be?  A few teddy bears were able to annihilate an army of Stormtroopers with lots of laser guns, using just a few over-sized slingshots and rocks.  Hmmmm, we've got rocks in our creek . . .  

Despite my Stormtrooper jokes and all the years of poking fun, and refusing to have the hubby's Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi memorabilia adorn our walls . . . despite all that, I do think it's really cool that I married a Stormtrooper.  

For your enjoyment, Honey, I've attached a clip of the Speeder Bike chase scene.

And Happy Anniversary, Babe.  I love you more than life itself, and Luke!  : )



  1. Happy Anniversary and for the rest of your lives.
    Keep living your fantasies. Kj, take good care of him. Good men don't grow on trees, you know.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And Mom you should put up the memorabilia cause it's freakin' awesome! Love you two!

  3. Thank you, Manzi! (My nickname for Manzanita, everyone.) I'm still alive, thanks be to Yoda (LOL), and the laser gun is still tucked away in the safe. Looks like we just might make it to seven years.

    And the seventh year blog will be a doozy . . . another movie themed anniversary!

  4. Thanks, Ashley...I think. As soon as the Stormtrooper sees your comment, I'm sure round -- let's see... twenty-five -- of arguing will begin. "I want the memorabilia on the walls!" he'll demand, while stomping his heavy white plastic boots on the floor.

    But you know what, it just hit me -- the Stormtrooper has a big blank wall in his very own new walk-in closet.

    Aha! A compromise at last!

    Love ya! Mom

  5. Happy Anniversary you two,
    with many more to come

  6. Happy Anniversary!! and May the Force Be With You!

  7. Sorry I miss this yesterday, Happy 6th to a really great couple.
    p.s. Don't tell your cousin Diana she is a hugh Star Wars fan.

  8. Thank you all for the kind thoughts! When I got home from work last night, the hubby had candles set out along the stone path. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful summer night, sipping champagne and dining on cheese, fruit, and a beautiful dessert. Just us, the 12 Paws, and the frogs serenading us a sweet song. What a perfect night!

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! <3 Natalie