Friday, August 13, 2010

The Undeniable Sexiness of Thongs

T. G. I. F.

It's the weekend, and the first thing on my to-do list is to shed my conservative side.  No more mundane business wardrobe for me -- it's two days of sexy tees, tight jeans and my favorite thongs.  Hubba, hubba! 

Thongs make me feel sexy, even at the ripe ol' age of 43!  I still like showing a little skin, and I don't think Mr. Paws minds -- pretty sure he like thongs, too -- on me, NOT him.

My collection of thongs can't be rivaled -- the array of styles, the vibrant colors, fun patterns, and some pairs even tout designer labels.  Having a large variety of thongs does tend to make the selection process a little more difficult, though.  There's really an art to choosing the perfect pair for whatever the occasion may be -- Poolside barbecue and you're wearing white linen shorts, or maybe an evening out at a club, and you've painted on your skinniest of jeans . . . so much to consider, right Ladies?

I'm not quite sure what the age cut off is for wearing thongs (My 26-year-old daughter would say I should have been cut off years ago), but until the thong police hunt me down, and strip me of my thong-wearing rights, I'm going to continue buying and wearing them proudly.

In honor of all the fabulous forty somethings out there, I'd like to share a pic of me wearing my favorite pair.  But before you scroll down, please make sure the kids aren't in the room.  I don't need the real police paying me a visit.

Okay, all clear?

 My favorite pair of thongs -- they're silver and shimmery, and I love 'em!

Happy Friday!  

Which pair of thongs will you be wearing this weekend?  


  1. they look like they need to be retired...just like you. lol. just joking mama.

  2. You got me good with this one.
    Had a good laugh during a busy day.

  3. Clever writing. It's got everything. Even suspense and surprise ending. Isn't that what O. Henry did?
    Have a fun week end

  4. Good one ! I was soooooo not expecting that post. Made me laugh.....Thanks for that. Right before the picture, I was already thinking about my quirky comments and let you know about all of my thongs....Ha Ha Ha .


  5. I totally love it, I may live in Las Vegas but will always be a CA Girl that only wears sandles of some kind.

    Aunt Bea

  6. I have to admit, I love this post. So many people fell for it -- except Jack. Yes, a MAN -- go figure.

    Did you all really think I'd bare my booty considering my AGE!!! and not to mention my blog's content isn't even close to being "PG."

    I even copied the post to an e-mail and hit the "send all" button. Hopefully it will make its way into the in-boxes of at least 10 people... which would be double the number of my readers! : )

    So if my little joke sweeps the "e-mail nation," just remember -- you knew me (and my feet) when it all began with little ol' "12 Paws and Frogs."

  7. heh

    As I was reading, I kept thinking it could be thongs or it could be THONGS and I also kept thinking, "would she? could she? no way! that would be hilarious! she wouldn't do that..." I fought with myself through the whole thing. So you got me, sort of! And what's really funny is that the ad next to this box is from NexTag and for only $59.00 I can buy the Squeem Sexy Body Thong. :)

  8. Jack got such a chuckle for his "honorary mention" in your blog. He might just become one of your fans!


  9. Thanks Patrick!!! I love playing a good practical joke, and for once I think I was very successful. Laughter Rules!