Friday, July 2, 2010

50th Anniversary Results

First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent my parents a little love via comments; you are all so wonderful!  While they were reading the blog, you could actually hear a pin drop, complete silence.  (I was crying the whole time; it's been an emotional few days.)  Both Mom and Dad started crying, and my Dad kept saying "this is beautiful."  They loved all the comments.  They were all fantastic and loving tributes.  Even a couple of my close friends, who have never even met my Mom and Dad, left comments.  (I love you T.R. and D.L. for that, thank you!)  Cece, my mother-in-law, left a comment, and my mom started crying even more.  I figure Cece's comment stood out because my mom knew she made the comment to honor them and me.  All parents want to know is that there is someone else out there for their children to rely upon, someone besides them for their children to love.  Thanks, Cece, for giving them that reassurance. 

To all of our family and friends, you can't even imagine the feelings that Mom, Dad, and I felt tonight.  Dad may be on Hospice, but his energy and love for life surely doesn't reflect it.   

I've cried a lot these past few days, and I've read the blog I wrote over and over...not because it's great writing, but because it's true, and I really do love my parents.  It's scary thinking that there may not be many more anniversaries for them, but I can certainly pray for a miracle.

As a recommendation to each of you, if you have the time to learn more about your parents' lives, please do so ASAP.  Sometimes life catches you off guard!  : )

Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Dinner

Dad, the hubby, Jim and Debbie.

Having fun at dinner????

Mom, Dad, Michelle, Dustin, and Sydney.

The triplets.  My Dad, my son Ricky, and Dustin, my nephew.

Mom, my son Ricky, me, and Dad.

  Mom and Dad smooching - circa 2010.

Mom and Dad smooching - circa 1960.

All I can wish and dream for is a 51st wedding anniversary.  Cancer really sucks! is still good.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Bety & Ron. Your are really great Kristie,
    Love you Auntie Bea

  2. I have three wishes; that your parents are blessed with a 51st anniversary, that Harry and I are blessed with a 50th, and that you would stop making me cry. I've cried buckets since you first posted about the anniversary on facebook xoxoxo

  3. Dito........Love Debbie

  4. Kristie your dad and I were overwhelmed by this blog thank You for thinking of doing one. This was a great gift to us and we Love you for doing all this work.
    We'd like to Thank my sister Bea for the help she gave to Kristie.
    Thank You to all our Family and Friends who left us a comment. You made our day.
    We Love you Mom and Dad

  5. Hi .... What great family photos and story to go with it. The photo of your parents on the beach made me cry. Life is but a blink of the eye. Daily, we sometimes think it will go on forever, but looking back.... how wrong can we be. On the photo with your son Ricky, you look the same age. What a gift. I found you on Sherri's list, along with mine. She is such a kind person.

  6. Manzanita,

    Thanks for the sweet comments. Seeing all the old family photos and hearing the stories that accompany them has been such an enlightening and wonderful experience. I'll be posting more photos in the future, and hopefully a cute story or two. Hope you tune in! :)